Teen Programs

Leadership Rockland is a partner in two programs that are offered to high school students that are off-shoots of the Leadership Rockland program.

Teen Leadership Rockland

Teen Leadership Rockland is a leadership development program for sophomore level high school students. The program connects students with leadership potential with peers and community leaders through interactive seminars.

Teen Leadership Rockland is a condensed version of the full Leadership Rockland program. This program is a joint venture of Leadership Rockland and Cornell Cooperative Extension.

Cornell Cooperative administers the program through its 4-H Youth Development Program.  The Leadership Rockland Board of Directors works in conjunction with CCE, and the vast majority of presenters and coordinators for the individual program days come from the Leadership Rockland program.

This program is open to all Rockland County sophomore level high school students who are interested in developing leadership skills to make contributions to their schools and communities while preparing for college and future careers. No current leadership experience is required; a demonstrated ability to take initiative and a commitment to learning are equally important to the members of the Selection Committee.

Click here to download the 2022-23 brochure.
You can also check for information as well as apply for the program at http://rocklandcce.org/youth/teen-leadership-rockland or click the apply now button.




Public Speaking Academy

Public Speaking Academy is a joint venture of Leadership Rockland and Dominican University. Through this program’s interactive workshops that utilize the latest technology, students will learn:

  • Who’s listening: knowing your audience
  • Organizational skills: arranging information
  • Reducing fear of public speaking and controlling nervousness
  • How the body and eyes communicate
  • Engaging the audience
  • Power of the voice
  • Helpful tips for effective speaking
  • Interviewing strategies
  • Crafting and presenting informative and persuasive speeches
  • Participating in a class debate
  • Using technology to present
  • Poster Board presentations

Public Speaking Academy is open to all junior and senior level high school students. These workshops are designed to help you improve your presentation skills and feel comfortable speaking in front of other people.

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