Volunteer Opportunities

When organizations need board members or have other volunteer opportunities, they often look to the alumni of Leadership Rockland first to fill those needs. Please read the information from Paul Trader below, and then you can select any of the links to find additional information about the organizations and their current needs.

Dear Leadership Rockland Alumnus:

In an effort to utilize your leadership skills in our Rockland community, we are writing to ask if you would be willing to volunteer or serve on a Board of Directors of a local non-profit organization. To facilitate the process of finding an interested non-profit organization, Paul Trader, Chair of the Institute for Non-profits at Cornell Cooperative Extension of Rockland has asked each non-profit organization to submit a request for such assistance. Attached, please find those requests for volunteers and Board members from nine organizations including:

Seeking Volunteers: [br] • Association for the Visually Impaired[br] • Haitian American Cultural and Social Organization (HACSO)[br] • United Hospice of Rockland

Seeking Board Members: [br] • American Society for Civic Education  [br] • Big Brothers Big Sisters of Rockland County [br] • C.A.N.D.L.E. [br] • Haitian American Cultural and Social Organization (HACSO)  [br] • Keep Rockland Beautiful, Inc.  [br] • Legal Aid Society of Rockland  [br] • Rockland Center for the Arts  [br] • Rockland Community Foundation  [br] • West Street Child Care Center

PROCESS: If you are interested in exploring any of these opportunities:

1. Please review each of the attached forms that the organizations have prepared, telling you about their mission, outreach and need for volunteers/Board members. Visit their websites to learn more about the organization.

2. If any one in particular interests you, simply contact the Contact Person named on the form to arrange a time to talk, meet or visit the organization.

3. If you decide to join the organization as a volunteer or Board member, please let Paul Trader know (Email = INPRockland@gmail.com). Feel free to contact him if you have any questions or concerns. We hope you will find the right match and make a difference in our community!